Mechanical Engineering



Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a broad subject that deals with the application of engineering principles to the design, analysis, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers use their knowledge of physics, mathematics, and materials science to create machines and devices that can perform a variety of tasks.

Mechanical engineering is a versatile field that can be applied to a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, energy, and healthcare. Mechanical engineers are in high demand, and the field is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Services Provided

  • Design: design machines, devices, and systems. This can include anything from small components to large-scale systems.
  • Analysis: analyze the performance of machines and systems. This can include things like stress analysis, vibration analysis, and heat transfer analysis.
  • Manufacturing: manufacturing of machines and systems. This includes things like choosing the right materials, designing the manufacturing process, and quality control.
  • Maintenance: maintenance of machines and systems. This includes things like repairing and replacing components, and conducting preventive maintenance.


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Our Expertise

Leading engineering, management, procurement and more!

Bespoke engineering solutions to commercial and industrial sectors throughout the UK and Europe. Our engineers specialize in the design, sales, installation and commissioning of full mechanical, electrical and pneumatic systems.

Supply, install, service and repair entire fluid power systems. We specialize in pneumatics from air compressors to actuators, and likewise hydraulics from pumps to cylinders.

Our expertise spans across all areas and all industries, we offer assistance at every stage of a projects’ lifecycle, so if you require something as simple as a filter for a machine, or a full end-to-end solution including design, project management, procurement, ongoing maintenance etc. ACAS should be your go to contractor.

HPC Kaeser Experts

Kaeser (branded as HPC in the UK) manufacture compressors in Germany considered to be the best made and most efficient in the world!

Compressed Air &
Pneumatic Systems

From production of the compressed air to the actuators that use it and everything in-between. Design, Install, Maintain and Repair.


Everything you need to move your product using low pressure, high volume, compressed air out of blowers from any manufacturer.

Pneumatic &
Electrical Controls

Whether its PLC, electromechanical or purely pneumatic logic, we can design and build a system to suit any process in any environment.

Heated & Cooled
Water Systems

Water delivery and circulation systems, chilled or heated, treated or untreated, to suit every industrial need.


Design, supply and maintain multi-discipline systems to be used in processing the required materials to produce your desired product.


Supplying the engineers, knowledge and tools to overcome any engineering problem from the ground up.


Over 30 Years of Engineering Excellence. We are focused on sustainable business that delivers the best possible results.

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