ACAS Engineering provide bespoke engineering solutions to both commercial and industrial sectors.
We specialise in design, sales, installation, repair and maintenance of full mechanical, electrical and pneumatic systems.
ACAS Engineering supplies, installs, maintains and repairs entire fluid power systems.
This includes everything from air compressors and air treatment, to rodless cylinders and ATEX valves.
As such, whether you need to replace an obscure part or service a machine; we can help.
ACAS Engineering has experience in a huge variety of industries including automotive,
pharmaceutical, precision engineering and petroleum as well as many more.

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Our engineers can manage full mechanical engineering projects from concept to commissioning.
We create bespoke designs presented for approval prior to fabricating, testing, installing and certifying the product or system.
ACAS Engineering have trained and licensed engineers who can operate
a huge variety of plant and power tools in adherence to respective health & safety regulations.
This allows any project to run smoother while also causing cost reductions.

Mechanical Engineering

ACAS Engineering provide bespoke engineering solutions to commercial and industrial sectors throughout the UK and Europe. As such, our engineers specialise in the design, sales, installation and commissioning of full mechanical, electrical and pneumatic systems. Similarly, we specialise in the repair and maintenance as well as the links between these systems.

Fluid Power Systems

We supply, install, service and repair entire fluid power systems. Additionally, we specialise in pneumatics from air compressors to actuators and likewise hydraulics from pumps to cylinders. Furthermore we can advise on the supply and repair of machines and processes utilizing the compressed fluid.

...and more.

Our highly skilled engineers have experience in a huge variety of industries. These include pharmaceutical, medical and petroleum industries while also extending to film & television. Additionally, our expertise expands into injection moulding, power production and automotive industries along with many more. As such, our engineers have the knowledge to provide perfectly suited solutions for a wide range of engineering problems.