Compressed Air

All our engineers are fully trained in all aspects of pneumatics and compressors and as such we offer all manner of pneumatic solutions and services including but not limited to:

  • Air and gas compressor installation, service and repair.
  • Compressed air system maintenance and repair.
  • Compressed air treatment for removal of water, oil and/or particulates to your required standard.
  • Compressed air condensate treatment system servicing and testing.
  • Repair of pneumatic controls; from electronic multi-compressor controllers all the way down to replacement of seals in pneumatic cylinders.
  • Consultancy on all manner of pneumatics and pneumatic systems.
  • Advice and assistance with PSSR2000 regulations and inspections.
  • Installation, service and repair of positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps and systems.
  • Dust filtration systems maintenance and repair.